While most of our clients reside in Lake Norman, we are happy to design homes nationwide!

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Given the current climate of things, the design process takes anywhere from 6 months to a year from start to finish (install day).

what is the estimated timeline?

Yes, we manage every aspect of your project. We liaise with contractors and make frequent site visits. Your communication with us is vital so that we can relay questions and concerns to the appropriate parties.

Do You Manage My Contractors?

This is another benefit of a receiving warehouse! The furnishings we order will go there first, where they will be carefully inspected. Anything not up to par will be sent back before it ever reaches your home.

Who Is Responsible for Damages?

Great design takes time and skill. Each project presents its own set of unique challenges that need to be worked with. Procuring the proper trades, materials and furnishings takes time and analysis. We know that things come up and life throws us a curve ball from time to time. Our design fee is there to ensure that we get paid for our efforts and skills throughout the design process without you feeling like you are getting “nickeled and dimed” for every little thing. With a flat fee, you know exactly how much you are paying in the beginning. 

Why Do You Charge A Flat Fee?

We love repeat clients! Once our initial project is completed, we can draw up a new proposal and contract to take on any additional areas you would like for us to work in.

What If I Want to Add Onto My Project?